Five Things You Should Know Before Buying A Golf Club

Your club set has a significant impact on your overall performance. So, you need to do thorough research to make the right choice. Meanwhile, with the countless number of golf clubs in the market today, choosing the right one might be overwhelming. 

Often, several people have asked to know what to look out for when searching to buy golf clubs to improve their games. If you also need answers to that question, continue reading this article to unveil the essential factors to consider before making your final decision. 

Appearance and size 

Confidence is key in hitting the best shot. Though some golfers overlook the importance of how the club look or feel in making the best hit, it is one of the significant factors. You ought to feel confident and comfortable while holding your club; that’s why you need to be sure your club’s appearance appeals to you. 

The size of the club also matters. In case you don’t know, there are different sizes for different heights of players. By implication, if a tall player uses a short club, he’s likely to make poor hits. If you pick the wrong club size, you will look down on the club as too small or too big for the hit, depending on your height. Hence, you need to first know your height as a player before choosing the right club to suit your game. learn how to check Golf ball quality by clicking here.



Though many consider the clubhead as the fundamental part that touches the ball yet, you need to know that the shaft also plays a vital role in how good or poor your hit can be. That means you will get better results if you play with the right shaft compared to playing with the wrong one. This principle applies to both graphite and iron shafts. 

How do you pick the right shaft? 

Though most golfers take flex as the most important thing, they need to consider it when choosing the right club, but there are still several variables to consider. For instance, the weight of the shaft plays a vital role in both the feel and performance. 

Generally, playing with a heavier shaft will reduce the ball flight, thereby limiting the distance. However, a lighter shaft will increase the club head’s speed, causing the ball to fly higher and go farther away. The bend and kick points also contribute to the outcome of the shot. Make sure that you know the right shaft for your game before advancing to the market. 


When you are buying your driver, go for shorter instead of longer and closed instead of neutral. Nowadays, many drivers are sold with 45 inches shaft or even longer. I consider that to be wrong. Bear in mind that the average driver you can use on PGA Tour is 44.5inches. Why? There’s something the professionals know that you don’t. It is harder to hit squarely with a longer club. Hence, a shorter driver will help improve your game tremendously.  

While most people don’t pay much attention to the drive, it is a crucial part of the club you need to check carefully before paying. 


Most times, golfers don’t consider the grip before buying their preferred club. They think that the grip is the most basic and therefore treat it like the least important. However, it deserves maximum attention since it has direct contact with the player. When it comes to a part that relates directly to the player’s body, comfort should be of significant consideration.

The grip is as important as other parts of the club. What is the essence of a club’s quality if you can’t feel it right in your hands? Playing with a club with an uncomfortable grip will indeed affect everything about your game. Though it seems minor yet, your game starts from the grip. 

Meanwhile, grips come with different textures and sizes. There are a tacky wrap type and ones with a more coarse feel. Which one of them would be suitable for your hand depends on your choice. Whether you are going for the tacky wrap type or the one with a coarse feel, what is most important is to be sure you are comfortable holding the club.

Aside from the feel, each of these types of grips has other considerations. For instance, some grips can be more suitable in humid conditions, while others may perform better in dryer conditions. Also, you need to consider the size of the grip. For some, the smaller size is perfect, while others may consider the midsize as the standard. Most importantly, your hand’s size will determine which size go the grip would best fit for you. 

Generally, grip choice depends on the player’s preference, so no particular rules are stating which one is the best. Yet, do not overlook the grip when buying your club.


A club that can make your ball fly longer distance can entice you. However, you must be careful to assess the overall performance of the club when you try it. A few factors you should consider are the consistency and accuracy of the distance.    

For instance, a club might perform better on distance on pure strikes but not be much forgiving on mishits. In that case, you cannot rate the club to be the best based on distance alone. So, you might need to try other, more forgiving ones. 

You need to be honest with yourself if you want to make the right choice. So, do not be carried away with the club’s performance on a pure strike. The overall forgiveness, accuracy and consistency should be your top priorities when you are going for your next purchase. 

Get a custom-fit

There’s nothing like one for all when it comes to golf clubs. There are special clubs for beginners, handicaps, men and women. Your level, gender, physical fitness, height, and personal preference has a lot of influence on which golf club would best fit your game. For instance, beginners should not buy clubs made for pros. Likewise, male golfers should be careful not to buy a women’s club. Make sure that you ask these questions very well before you make your final decision.


Now that you know the essential things that can help you make the right choice when you are buying a club. Don’t forget that your performance largely depends on the type of club you use to play. So, it is essential to go to the market with a helpful guide to make the proper selection. 

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